Come What May

by A-Mac DZ

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Copyright 2011 Alex Mackenzie-Low


released January 4, 2011




A-Mac DZ Denver, Colorado

Straight out of Denver, CO, A-Mac DZ has defined the art of fusing progressive acoustic rock with hip-hop, reggae, and folk. A-Mac DZs innovative musical outlook is also known for incorporating an empowering and positive lyrical message, resulting in a truly unique and genuine musical experience. A-Mac DZ continues to break the mold and expand his musical impact over a wide range of music lovers. ... more

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Track Name: A Mirror For Our Dreams
Down by the riverside them a youth caress the everlasting adventure of life, life, life
They laugh and they cry, and they dance in the moonlight
The elders call them crazy
But they could care less, no, yes they reside with their friends
Get high on the road, finding new ways to break out of the mold
And dance with the changes
Either way, they are no slaves to a concrete jungle
And me, myself, I believe, I believe in living life in the same way
You would paint pictures, man, no formula here
Talkin’ bout’ creating a mirror for your dreams
Spreading the view with all of us falling in between
Every soul that you meet, everyone that you know
They all got a piece of the puzzle
You connect, and you learn, and you grow
Getting’ the picture, oh I hope
You cherish the now, it’ll never be this way again
Consider your friends, your age, your place
It’s all a part of the moment
It keeps movin’ along and movin’ along
Thinkin’ bout yesterday, it all starts to slip away
The present is pure, never too late for makin’ a change
We are here, born as one, forever young if we feel
I feel forever young, forever young
The tide swift upon caress of the shore
He give the music to her heart and then she
Oh, she fall out, she rise high
Yeah, she givin’ the radio the reason they should play the song
C’mon, you know her love a million shades
A million shades of love, light, and poetry
A mirror for all of our dreams to come alive
At the end of the line, what would they say if I,
I wasn’t scared, without a care
At the end of the line, what would they say if we
Were higher still, still getting’ high off the thrill
At the end of the line, what would you say if we
Were still in love, you wanted nobody else
I have no fear, for my love it will spread with my dreams
And I hope that you’re here with me
Down by the riverside, I'll meet you there