Rise Above

by A-Mac DZ

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released April 18, 2014




A-Mac DZ Denver, Colorado

Straight out of Denver, CO, A-Mac DZ has defined the art of fusing progressive acoustic rock with hip-hop, reggae, and folk. A-Mac DZs innovative musical outlook is also known for incorporating an empowering and positive lyrical message, resulting in a truly unique and genuine musical experience. A-Mac DZ continues to break the mold and expand his musical impact over a wide range of music lovers. ... more

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Track Name: Seeking The Truth
Verse 1:
Come a time when the life you lead means nothing
Without your money who are you? What do you believe?
Tell me whatcha lookin’ for? Well you better go find it
The cars in the driveway, sell it off
The bills that you gotta pay, burn em all
Your debt to the man, you’re no slave boy
You live long, you live well, let it go
The you open up, then you rise above, you’re gonna rise above

Give up your money go find a lover
Give up your worries go find a brother
You speak of your heart and you’ll be reminded
Seek the truth and you will find it

Verse 2:
Bring it back now, open up the door to the new life
Is it what you were looking for? Felt just right
Something you couldn’t ignore, son imagine the world in harmony
If we all knew what’s up
No food for the hungry, plant it up
No clean water runs free, purify
Forget the government lies, you’re no slave boy
You live long, you live well, let it go
The you open up, then you rise above, you’re gonna rise above
Track Name: Give It To My People
Verse 1:
Give it to my people ‘cause I know that they be rising above
To our creator giving life under the sky above
To our surprise we hold the key and that be setting us free
For all with ears to hear the truth is yours if you believe
Born into a world with all the suffering supporting the greed
And honest people getting robbed by the people they feed
Tell me, what does it take to turn the tides and rid us all of their lies?
Realize this world is ours, someday we’ll hold the prize

Listen close your mind to come at ease
Open up inside to come at peace
Chen it all boils down the last shall be the first
When it all boils down in time we all will learn

Verse 2:
Give it to my people ‘cause I know that they be rising above
To our creator giving life under the sky above
Peace to the mothers giving their children all their love and their time
Peace to the fathers working endlessly so the family can get by
Living in a world where we waste, pollute, and still ask for more
Conscious people planting trees but they are ignored
Tell me what does it take to set it straight and start over again
Before it’s too late, I know it’s possible my friend
Track Name: All I See
Verse 1:
See these pictures of myself, the life I used to lead
Watch the turning of the tables, unfolding prophecy
Feel the love, feel the grace, feel a God that lives by faith
Find the beauty in the mystery
Here’s to life and destiny, here’s to the people in between
To what was, to what is, and to what will be

Well I don’t have all the answers and I’ll never know what the future brings
But today this humble man goes stepping out to find his creator complete
Inside that is all I see

Verse 2:
Walking out into the street spreading that good word
Other believers preaching hatred, fear of the Lord
But the spirit in the sky made of compassion oh he cries
When will the people see the truth and light?
And the burden of the world, every boy and every girl
Letting go, finding inner peace

Used to be afraid of what the future brings
But as I find my destiny, God I surrender to thee
Lord have your way in me, you are all I see
Track Name: Beginning To Believe
All music & lyrics written/recorded/mixed/and produced by Alex Mackenzie-Low.
Mastering by Tyler Soifer at Side 3 Studios.
Artwork by Kenny Idleman.

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar Alex Mackenzie-Low
Drums Matt McElwain
Bass Isaac Schiff
Percussion Jake Heym
Keys Karl Rivers
Saxophone Joe Lilly
Electric Guitar Danny Bastos

© Alex Mackenzie-Low 2014.
Track Name: Rise Above (feat. deCollage)
Verse 1:
See myself ride upon this long road
Coming through the dust in the air, where should I go?
Until I find myself, I judge no one else
Til I wake up for real, I have no story to tell
So I pick mysle fup again, then I lend a hand to a friend
No longer can I pretend there is no light ahead, no, no
And I believe, I believe, I believe, and so we sing

Through this world afar we rise, rise above into the light
Who in this world could heal the blind, rise above into the light

Verse 2:
Grasping for something concrete, struggling for a place to be
Questioning is God asleep? Letting go into the flow
Riding waves it’s coming soon, oscillating with the moon
Gravitating to yourself, raise your head up, sing aloud!