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A-Mac DZ - Unity (2015)
A-Mac DZ is back with a brand new 9-track record that encorperates a broad range of folk rock - reggae - hip-hop fusion like you've never heard before. The official full-length release of the album is due on Thursday July 9th 2015 and will feature many special players in the Denver music scene. Be sure to catch more info on the album at www.amacdz.com.


released June 2, 2015

© Alex Mackenzie-Low 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Engineered by Alex Mackenzie-Low & Ember Bryce
Mixed By Alex Mackenzie-Low
Mastered by Catadawn Studios

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Banjo - Alex Mackenzie-Low
Drums - Matt McElwain
Rhodes, Piano & Organ - Karl Rivers
Saxophone - Joe Lilly
Bass - Isaac Schiff
Percussion - Jake Heym

Andy Sydow - Lead Guitar - "The Weary Traveler"
Jason Barteck - Steel Drum - "Unity"
- "Love Is Divine"
- "Fixed Up"
Sarah Reichardt - Vocals - "Unity"
- "Let Your Heart Lead"




A-Mac DZ Denver, Colorado

Straight out of Denver, CO, A-Mac DZ has defined the art of fusing progressive acoustic rock with hip-hop, reggae, and folk. A-Mac DZs innovative musical outlook is also known for incorporating an empowering and positive lyrical message, resulting in a truly unique and genuine musical experience. A-Mac DZ continues to break the mold and expand his musical impact over a wide range of music lovers. ... more

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Track Name: Unity
Verse 1:
Come a day the love will set us free, till then together we must believe
People all over the world as one come together and move on
To place where peace reigns perfectly
And all the birds in the trees sing in harmony
No child with hunger, disease, that's when we are home

Where we learn to be strong, singing' our song
That's when we are home

Verse 2:
People come and people go
Some move fast while others move slow
The story goes on and on we find meaning
And purpose defined in the mind
Beauty in the eye of the beholder
I'm a young man with a dream to grow stronger
No longer will I ponder what I could've done
Right now the future has begun

When we are hungry someone else is looking for the key
Believe the rise in unity, people say we've been waiting all along

Verse 3:
Crazy times that we're livin' in, no promise of satisfaction
It's a rat race and no one pays attention
To all the people spreading good vibes
Livin' life to the fullest inside cuz money can't buy peace of mind
And no one can hide from the voice divine
So now it's time to be real and come alive

Bridge: Oh, what to do with this life Well I guess you'll find
What are you gonna find?
Track Name: Love Is Divine
Verse 1:
Talk about love, talk about grace, the smile on your face
The sweetest taste well I could talk with you all day
And come to find oh the love of my life
The fire lighting the night, feels so damn fine
Well let’s step into the great wide open

Someday we all find
The one who brings the best out of a lover
Cuz love is devine and once you got it you never walk away no

Verse 2:
Give me that soul, give me that style, I’ll make it worth your while
Get on the dance floor and we’ll groove on slowly all night long
Til the break of dawn and then we’ll get it on
Everyday’s a new day so let’s step into the great wide open

Stap in upon my shoes and take a walk outside, enjoy the ride
I think about life oh I think about you, what are we going to do
Well what are we going to do baby well some say we’re crazy
And it ain’t just a maybe, we’re crazy, damn right it’s cool
Not a girl I want to be with but you
Track Name: Let Your Heart Lead
I bet love would take you back today
If only you would open up and let your heart lead
I bet love would take you back today if you let your heart lead
What if you let your heart lead?

Verse 1:
Upon the day swear I’m not far away
Still got some dues to pay, still got some blues to sing
But in my own way let me appreciate
Spread my philosophy, breath in and open up

When the beat hits the soul and the people resonate the feeling
It’s a pleasure I can’t explain, still living in the moment oh yeah
Comin’ up get feeling fire, the music takes us higher
The soul can’t turn away, I know you know that’s what I’m saying oh

Verse 2:
With the beat that you can’t stop and the message impeccable
With the fire in your heart that won’t stop growing no
Track Name: Fixed Up
Verse 1:
Don't you know I pass the vibes and then I give them away
Don't you know I spread the loving' if you're feline' the same
Cuz this music relates and this love it creates
Junkies on the corner getting fixed up and they're smacking' veins
Fathers in the office getting fixed up with that business degree
Mothers at home wonder if their loved ones feel the same
You see me on the corner getting fixed up with my guitar
Cuz the only fix I have is loving for the music at heart
Don't criticize, forget the lies, they're all the same
Only the music can break through the cloud inside my brain

On my way to open my mind Lost where I was going not so hard to find
But when I look back the music mix the soul
So I grab the microphone and forget control
Saying that I best be stain' on solid ground
Cuz it's a long fall down and I just want to let my soul run free tonight
I take the wheel and drive

Verse 2:
I met a fine girl and I said that I would give her my heart
Turn around with my face down and then she tore me apart
So I humbly went home and picked up my guitar
Started dropping' lines, dropping' words
Dropping' knowledge to the brain
I picked a motive found the roots then I woke up insane
But I can't complain that's how I live life simple and plain
Cuz the music will never let me down
The music, the smile in my frown
Whether I'm playing for myself or a 5 million fan crowd
Speak my mind aloud regardless if the world agrees
Simply extract the poetry from within my fantasies
To bring light in to your ear, to caress a simple melody
Wake to bake, my soul to shake liven' in this end time earth quake
We're all insane in our own way no matter how we perceive it
Goin' off the deep end and there's no one to help us in
Except the music, the hope, the inspiration have we found

Verse 3:
Such a sad story for a child to hear
But I got a song that will conquer the fear
It's in the head, it's manifested
You're trying to put the fire out but instead you keep fueling it
Track Name: The Weary Travelor (feat. Andy Sydow)
Verse 1:
Lay down oh my weary traveler
The tide has left you to dry so won’t you tell me why
Oh why the world at large has let you die
Hanging out with your friends getting high
Getting high and rolling with the tide
Ready for the open sunrise
To let these large clouds pass us by

Can he rise above and see the light ahead?
Oh you gotta shine bright

One door close, one opens up
An old way dies, new life is born
So open up your mind, go out and explore
Find what you’re looking, what are you looking for?
Cuz it’s all in your head the way you see the world so travel on

Verse 2:
Back out on that road you know you’re on your own
Where the hell you think you’re gonna go
When time runs out and you’re left in the cold
And not a soul can share your dark despair
Back up on that horse and ride on your way
Come what will and come what may
Ready to seize the day
Oh we’re gonna go and set this path on straight
Track Name: Grow
Verse 1:
The story of love, the story of life
Story of all the things I’m feeling tonight
Lord I’m feeling grateful
Coming of age growing day by day
All these obstacles in our way, don’t you they’re gonna fade away
So don’t worry my friend because in the end
The only thing that’s gonna matter is your heart, your soul
And the bridges that you build along the way
Oh it’s a simple song to sing
Oh with an open heart we’re free
It’s a long trip to the top, don’t forget about what you got
Look forward you got a way to go onward, you should know
It’s a long trip to the top, don’t forget about what you got
Look forward you got a way to go onward
Could you let yourself grow?
Movin’ along with grace, movin’ at my pace
Slip up I fall straight on my face
But tomorrow is a brand new day
It’s a chance to learn and it’s a chance to dance
A chance to make difference for someone else
Go on and put a smile on their face
Cuz together we stand and divided we fall
There is a reason for it all
And I pray we figure it out someday
I don’t know how we’re gonna break away
But I feel we’re gonna make a change, make a change
Track Name: Asking Our Generation
Verse 1:
Oh my mind’s an echo chamber
Mother earth, oh we’re struggling to save her
Oh, not a soul can tell me why
Consume until the earth runs dry
People waking up in mysterious ways
Is it a revolution?
Oh my god these political flaws
So much confusion
Tryin’ to make a plan put it back together again ah yeah
I got inspiration
To each his own part and together we start, back to the basics
Asking our generation to come along

Peace is our neighbor so please don’t betray her
She’s asking our generation to come along
Peace to our generation, come back home

Verse 2:
Oh my mind’s an echo chamber
Mother earth, yeah we’re struggling to save her
I’ve learned the history of where we are, oh but how far?
Until we understand the truth at hand, the question is
How long will we last?
Track Name: Walk Soft
Verse 1:
Give what you got and take what you need
I open up my arms and dream of a dream I see
My father tell me “Son, cherish the air you breath
And don’t you let one moment pass buy in disbelief”
Your destiny is coming right around the bend

Walk soft in the world’s vendetta
Speak of love and whatever
You stand for, let your roots stand firm below
Give love and peace to all forever

Verse 2:
A second chance my friend, grace for every man
In this humble skin I’m thankful for the life I live
I met a righteous man, grateful for everything
I met a fool asking for everything he does not need
Their destiny, evolving, right around the bend

With the life you lead
With the air you breathe
What is your destiny?
What are you going to believe?
When it all crumbles, it’s up to you
Track Name: Steezin's
N/A (Instrumental)