Alive Again: Greatest Hits

by A-Mac DZ

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A Mac DZ's Greatest Hits album is a 2-disc compilation of his freshest jams since 2004.


released June 6, 2013

All music, lyrics, performance, recording and mixing by Alex Mackenzie-Low.
Mastered by Tyler Soifer




A-Mac DZ Denver, Colorado

Straight out of Denver, CO, A-Mac DZ has defined the art of fusing progressive acoustic rock with hip-hop, reggae, and folk. A-Mac DZs innovative musical outlook is also known for incorporating an empowering and positive lyrical message, resulting in a truly unique and genuine musical experience. A-Mac DZ continues to break the mold and expand his musical impact over a wide range of music lovers. ... more

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Track Name: In The Moment (Feat. Damon Dupont-Violin and Ian McCormick-Cello)
Verse 1:
I spent a long time wishin I was somewhere else, spent a long time trying to find myself
And now I see it’s just not that easy to push yourself from where your really meant to be
And I subconsciously started thinking this is the prime of my life
And it’s not going to get better unless I really try to connect, live in the moment
Love the friends I have, friends I’ve lost along the way
I wish I could make the world a better place, wish I could free the mind of mankind
So we could step back and find time to forget about materialist things
They make no sense to make, na na, no sense to me
I see myself traveling onward down this lonely road
Watching people I’ve grown to love slowly drift away like a star in space
But would you think of me and I’ll think of you when we’re lookin’ at the moon
Girl, I found love in you, that’s something no one can take
But why oh why did she have to break my heart? God tell me there’s a reason
Yes, I’d love to believe everything happens for a reason
And as this song slowly melts into my heart and becomes a part of me
I hope to rise above the trees and tell my friends that words can’t explain the poetry, the chemistry
Find time and don’t forget, life moves fast but real love lasts a life time
And I wish I could spend mine with you
Verse 2:
You try to fool me, you try to fool yourself, the only thing that matters is your mental health
In this world that fucks with your head day by day in the strangest of ways
And you’re talkin’ to the man that nearly lost his mind
Sold his soul for a smoke and a bottle of wine to find it’s not worth the high
No he fucked up his life, and he’s trying to mend the pieces
Together we last and I’ll hold your hand
Just don’t let me go when I don’t understand why we’re here, why it’s not so clear
Girl, do not fear, because the ride is not over
I know we’re going to make it threw, don’t know what we’re gonna do, but we’ll make it threw
And I know that sometimes when you take a look around
You get the feeling that our world just keeps fallin’ down
But you know you make your own reality so baby don’t give them the key
We spend a lot of time wishin’ we were somewhere else, we spend a lot of time trying to find ourselves
Why can’t we see the best thing to do is just let it be
Love the gift of life because it is free
Track Name: Sun Comes Up
Sun comes up, i'm a keep goin', growin', goin', groin'
Verse 1:
Hoppin on a train, my roots mundayne
Sacrificin' a knowin', a showin' I'll be okay
That's what they say, na na, but then they change, na na
Forget the price that they paid, forget the lovin' they gave
Yea them cold nights, bitter fights, where was my mind then?
Livin' in a prison of mental walls and lonely hymns
That's where I find my friends, they are my motivation
Music is my inspiration, contemplate my soul's decisions
Learn to love and live with them
I got love, and all is well
I find peace in knowin' myself
Knowin' mistakes make me grow, n' the more I know the less I know
Let the mic take control as I hear the beat flow
Chorus: Sun comes up, i'm a keep goin', growin', goin', groin'
Verse 2:
With the lights down low, and the beat runnin' slow
So many things cloud my brain, the sound of stress insane
Daily tryin' to stay alive, sober joe or just get high
Where will I find my aliby when the dead end hits, and I'm without a ride?
Interlude: But for a every bad moment there's a better one to come
And it's not black and white, more like fact and fiction
What you make you create, thow the lights seems to fade
The ship hit harbor safe, found us dancing in the rain
And we found the key to nothing, but it sure makes us laugh
Cuz' we found time to loose time and that time is well spent
The long road ahead, yes we took hand in hand
We took hand in hand, yes we took hand in hand
Though we barely could stand
Chorus: Sun comes up, i'm a keep goin', growin', goin', growin'